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If that’s a small fix, yearly maintenance or a big replacement, we are able to handle anything and everything automotive.

At Ben’s Towing & Auto Repair we provide all kinds of auto repair and restoration services. At our Brooklyn location we are dealing mostly with heavy duty fixes, things like complete fuel system repairs and replacements, engine restorations and transmission diagnostic & repairs are our main services.

Our Brooklyn Shop

Top Rated Auto Repair Services in NYC

In our Brooklyn shop we provide the following services:

  • Auto Diagnostic Service – ECU ,ECM ,PCM TCM, Replace & Program
  • Transmission Diagnostic & Repair
  • ABS / Traction System Repair
  • Fuel System Diagnostic & Repair & Replacement
  • Air Bag System Diagnostic & Repair.
  • DEF System Diagnostic & Repair (Diesel)
  • DEF System Regeneration (By Computer)
  • Front End & Rear End Repair & Replacement
  • We are experts For Electric Circuits Short Diagnostic & Repairs
  • Coolant System Repair & Replace

All our repair work comes with a 3-month warranty guarantee!


From Big To Small, We Do Them All

Wear and tear is a part of every car’s life, yearly maintenance and small fixes are a part of a car’s life as well. We know it’s never a good day to go and do these things, that’s why we developed a program for our clients, We call it the “Pick-Up-Drop-Off” – simply put, we will take your car off of your hands, take a complete list of part that need to be changed, tow it to our Brooklyn auto repair shop, provide you with an alternative car while we work on yours, and we’ll get to work. After a few days or a week (depends on the scoop of the work) we’ll return your car to you at a location you specify. There’s no more need to take a day off work or use your vacation days to do something that needs to be done every year like clockwork. You don’t have to spend your time watching us work, we find it very distracting.

Inside Our Brooklyn Repair Shop
Fuel Lines Replacement Brooklyn NY

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

After we are done, your car will look, feel, and sound much better than it did before we picked it up from you. We are upfront and honest about our costs & pricing. We will provide a detailed report of what have been done to your car after we have finished. We assure you that you will pass inspection when that’s needed. Give us a call today and tell us exactly what’s wrong with your car/what needs to be done, and we’ll take it from there. You can also fill out our contact form and get an estimate via email. We are rated one of the best auto repair shops in Brooklyn NY and surrounding areas, based on 50+ real customer reviews that you can read here on Google.

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