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Got stuck outside your car and have no way in? We’re here to help you sort that!

Getting locked out of your car is something that happens to 1000s of Americans every single year. If you just lost your keys and have no clue as to where they are, try to re-create your steps first before you are calling us. Think where you might have left your keys, and where did you see them last time? This guide can help you find your keys.

Car Unlocking Services in Brooklyn

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Here is a practical guide on how to find your keys & unlock your car before you call us:

Determine the last time you saw your keys.
 It’s probably obvious but re-creating a map of where it might possibly be is a great starting point. We are creatures of habit, when we usually put something, it’s the place we usually going to put it at all times, without thinking about it.
Get into the mindset you had the last time you saw your keys. You might have been thinking about something just then, you might have talked with someone about something and placed them in a room or a coffee table. Whatever the case might be, get into the mindset that you were thinking about before. It might just help you find you keys.
Try to talk through all the locations that you have been at lately. You might notice the keys just hanging out on the table looking at you. Maybe they fell under the couch, we sure had allot of things stuck there over the years.

Top Rated Car Unlocking Service in Brooklyn NY

If nothing else, or if you can see your keys stuck inside your car, and you can’t access them, well, now it’s time to give us a call. Please make sure to provide as much information as to what’s inside the car, make and model, color of the car, and where exactly is it located at. All of this information will help us to prepare to unlock your car. We’d need to see some IDs and proof that this car is yours, that goes without saying but we will not open a car that does not belong to you legally. Simply give us a call today and let’s unlock your car! Our car unlocking experts will come in 20 minutes of less and get to work. Sometimes there’s emergencies that have to be taken care of as soon as possible. Things like babies stuck in the car, or pets, we need to know this information beforehand, because the methods used to get inside the car differ from situation to situation.

Brooklyn Car Unlocking Service

Unlocking Your Car, The Easy Way

Please be calm and relax, everything is under control. Our team will be on it’s way to you and solve all your issues in no time at all. Ben’s Towing & Auto Repair is proud to provide a pleasant customer service and great ETAs in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas. Call us today 24/7!

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