Blocked Driveway Towing Services in Brooklyn NY

When someone is blocking your driveway we are the ones to call. For a quick ETA and fast service, Choose Ben’s Towing & Auto Repair.

Someone is blocking your driveway? You can’t park in your legally owned parking spot? Give us a call today to tow that car out of your property. Our team has the knowledge and the experience to deal with these types of situations. The person that blocked your driveway will be fined $95 along with the towing charges that are associated with towing their car out of your driveway.

Towing Zone - Blocked Driveway

Blocked Driveway Towing When You Most Need It

Before you call us to tow that stranger’s car, please call 911, to report a vehicle parked illegally in your driveway, that is considered trespassing. Once the car got a ticket, you may go ahead and give us a call, and we’ll tow the car away for you. We’d need to see some documentation that this is indeed your property.

Step 1  – You may call 311, or 911 to report, or you can submit a report in the official website of New York City.
Step 2 – Give us a call!

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