Collision Repair, From Big To Small, We Do it All

From small to big repairs, we can do them all. Small dents repairs or major collision restoration, we have the tools, the team and the knowledge to do that.

When it comes to repairing a car that had been involved in a collision of some sort, whether it’s been a front/back collision, or a side one, most of the times it’s not just the metal body that was damaged during the collision. Our team is going to go in and check every part of your car to ensure that nothing goes unseen. Even if you had a frontal collision it’s very likely that other areas of your car were damaged in the process. All these have to be diagnosed and replaced if needed, before your car can go back on the road.

Auto Collision Services in Brooklyn NY

Major & Small Repairs, We Do Them All

Our process includes a throughout inspection and creating a list of parts that have be to replaced. We than go and order the parts that needs replacing and restoration, by the manufacture’s specifications. When you choose Ben’s Towing & Auto Repair to work on your car, you know you are choosing quality. We have been restoring cars and making them 100% again for more than 20 years.

Top Rated Collision Repair Services in NYC

As we said before, sometimes not just your car’s body was damaged during the collision, sometimes your engine, transmission or fuel lines were damaged as well, that’s why we offer auto repair services as well as collision repair services, all in one place.

We have to resources and the knowledge to repair anything from a minor dent repair to a full-on collision repair, our team can repair:

  • Alignment and suspension damage
  • Bent frames
  • Car dents
  • Bumper and fender damage
  • Broken wheels & Suspension

Give us a call today and let’s bring your car to it’s original 100% shape!

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Collision Repair In Brooklyn NY

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