Junk Car Removal Services

If you have a junk car sitting in your driveway in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

Do you need to jumpstart your junk car every time you want to move it 1 foot? That’s not how your driveway/backyard should look like. In most cases the junk cars that we remove have been sitting outside for years and years, no one took care of them for a very long time. It’s just sat there and collected dust. We will come in, take your car off your hands and make your driveway/home look allot better than it was looking with that ugly car sitting there and blocking the beauty of your property. We get it, life gets busy, work, kids, school plays and family time are all aspects that we are all trying to balance, and sometimes things fall thought the cracks.

We Buy Junk Cars Brooklyn NY

Top Rated Junk Car Removal Services In NYC

There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all have that one something that is always nagging at us and we know we have to deal with it, but never have the time to. Our junk car removal services will get rid of that old car that you have been wanting to clean up for the longest time for free most of the time. And sometimes we will even pay you to take if off your hands! Free towing services included in our junk car removal services, if you are in Brooklyn, we might be able to come in the same day even.

Removing Your Car Is a Simple Process

Our license for this type of work is valid and can be validated if you’d like, we are using the most advanced procedures in order to recycle your junk car. Please be aware of so called ‘junk car removal companies’, most of them do not have the correct permits to perform this type of service. They are mostly buying your junk car for a low dollar amount and come to us in order to sell it.

In this case you are losing on money you could’ve collected for your junk car, plus, the processes they mostly use are not up to par with anything that we do. We recycle up to 98% of your junk car, oil waste from your car is being recycled as well.
That way nothing is wasted and every single part of your car is being re-used. Not only do you help the planet as a whole and our beloved city of New York, you are also saving time and money when using our junk car removal services.

Junk Car Removal Brooklyn NY
Brooklyn Junk Car Removal Services

We'll Pick Up Your Junk Car The Same Day!

All you have to do is ring us up and we’ll be on our way to solve your junk car issues once and for all. We accept all makes and models of all cars. Nothing is off limits, doesn’t matter if it runs or not, we will use it. In most cases we’ll come by to pick up your junk car in 24 hours or less. Ben’s Towing & Auto Repair is proud to be paying reasonable amounts for your junk car and by following our core values not screw over the common folk. When you deal with us, you can trust that what you are getting is fair and honest pricing.  Give us a call today and let’s get your junk car out!

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