Winch Out Of Snow & Ice

When you are stuck in the middle of no-where, we will come in and help!

Got stuck in a middle of a snow storm? Slipped on the ice and drove into a ditch? That’s a horrible experience that we not wish anyone to experience. Now that you are stuck in the middle of no-where, there’s a few things you must do as soon as possible – make sure your phone has enough battery, and if not try plugging it into the charger in your car. It is very important to have a way to communicate with the outside world while you are seemingly in this situation alone. You are not.


Towing Out Of Snow Services

If you got stuck in the middle of the road and your car won’t more, it’s time to call for help. We are on call every single hour of every single day. We don’t take days off and are here for you when you need it most. We are experts at towing & winching vehicles out of snow, wheter you have a flat tire, got in to an accident God forbid or your car slides off the road, we are the company to call when things like that happen.

Winter Roadside Assistance in Brooklyn

A few steps you must take in order to get out of that place as soon as possible and be back on your way home.

  1.  Give us a call as soon as possible, or call someone else for help.
  2. Let your loved ones know where they can find you approximately, so in the case of you losing your phone and people are not able to connect you, they will know where you were last.
  3. Find a warm place to stay at, if your car heater works, turn it on. The fuel economy has no meaning in this scenario, it’s very important for you to keep warm and not freeze.
  4. Wait for help to arrive, try to keep yourself busy and do not fall asleep. Help is on the way.

Doing these steps will ensure you’ll get out of this situation in one piece. We hope we’ll be able to help you. We serve the Brooklyn area and surrounding areas as well. You can give us a call 24/7 at : 718-332-1450

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